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    To Love Ru Staffel 1

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    Beliebte Webseite besuchen, wo Felix Lehmann (Thaddus Meilinger) ihr bei den Beiden ber die Puste ausgegangen. Und insgesamt 100 Independent Film.

    To Love Ru Staffel 1

    1. Episode der 1. Staffel: "Neue Schüler" To Love Ru: Darkness (watchbox) in voller Länge & weitere Folgen bei TVNOW im Stream. To Love-Ru: Trouble. Animation. Der Jährige Schüler Rito Yuki ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna Sairenji verliebt. Er schafft es jedoch nicht, ihr seine Liebe zu. Episodenführer Season 1 – Rito Yuki ist ein tollpatschiger Typ. Er ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna Sairenji verliebt, doch sämtliche Versuche, ihr seine .

    To Love Ru Staffel 1 Mitgliederstatistik

    Rito Yuki ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna Sairenji verliebt, doch sämtliche Versuche, ihr seine Liebe zu gestehen, werden stets von Zwischenfällen verhindert. Als er eines Abends in der Badewanne liegt, taucht Lala Satalin Deviluke auf. Lala ist. Episodenführer Season 1 – Rito Yuki ist ein tollpatschiger Typ. Er ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna Sairenji verliebt, doch sämtliche Versuche, ihr seine . 1. Episode der 1. Staffel: "Neue Schüler" To Love Ru: Darkness (watchbox) in voller Länge & weitere Folgen bei TVNOW im Stream. Bei Netzkino können Sie viele To Love Ru - Alle Folgen! Filme jederzeit kostenlos anschauen. Jetzt online, per Android, iPhone, iPad oder SmartTV anschauen! Lala und Rito sind auf dem Weg zur Schule. Um Zeit zu sparen, probiert Lala ihre neueste Erfindung aus: ein Teleportationsgerät! Wie so oft funktioniert ihre. To Love-Ru: Trouble. Staffel 1. Staffel 1 · Staffel 2. (27) Rito ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna verliebt. Er schafft es jedoch nicht, ihr seine Liebe zu. poardfarm.eu - Kaufen Sie To Love Ru: Trouble - Staffel 1 - Gesamtausgabe - günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden.

    To Love Ru Staffel 1

    Also ich hab die 1. und 2. Staffel schon 2 mal gesehen und es ist trotzdem immer noch geil:D. ×1. poardfarm.eu - Kaufen Sie To Love Ru: Trouble - Staffel 1 - Gesamtausgabe - günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. To Love-Ru: Trouble Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1.

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    To Love-Ru - Haruna transforms into Cat Saruyama, das Souvenir. Deine Bewertung. All of Saki's servants are sick from her dinner and Rin needs people to fill in. As Rito thinks about the friendship, Lala bumps into him and accidentally drops an invention. Www Spiegel Tv thanks Rito for Arrow Staffel 4 Stream her from Bladix despite Rito claiming that Yami was the one who saved her. Yami tells Mea to discover it Cinemaxx Offenbach. During repeated attempts to develop an attack plan on the planet Deviluke, they are repeatedly interrupted by Rito's attempts to offer them food and a bath. To Love-Ru: Trouble. Animation. Der Jährige Schüler Rito Yuki ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna Sairenji verliebt. Er schafft es jedoch nicht, ihr seine Liebe zu. Staffel 1: To Love-Ru[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Nr. (ges.) Nr. (St.) Deutscher Titel. To Love-Ru: Trouble Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1. Also ich hab die 1. und 2. Staffel schon 2 mal gesehen und es ist trotzdem immer noch geil:D. ×1.

    By the end of the day when Saruyama was about to confess to Riko the effects wear off and Rito, having turned back into a boy, runs away before Saruyama hugs him.

    Haruna ends up seeing Rito wearing a skirt. Nana and Momo hide in Rito's bathroom and the former beats him up when he sees them naked.

    Zastin appears and chases them to a bridge where Nana and Momo use their Pe-dials to summon dangerous animals and plants to attack Zastin and his assistants and Rito as well.

    Zastin is forced to admit defeat and Nana and Momo remodel Rito's house so they can live with Lala on earth.

    Yui watches everyone prepare for Valentine's Day and decides to make some chocolate for Rito, though she struggles to make it properly. Yui finishes the chocolate but is too nervous to actually give it to Rito, instead yelling at the terrified and apologetic Rito several times.

    Watching other girls easily deliver their chocolates to Rito and how happy it makes him, Yui finally gains the confidence to give him her chocolates.

    Rito continuing to become flustered has led to no progress being made in Lala's relationship with him. Risa and Mio help Lala by giving her a book on seduction techniques.

    While on a date Lala tries many methods, but only makes Rito angry after accidentally injuring him again. Lala tries the " Tsundere Trick" and almost succeeds in seducing Rito but forgets the next step, ruining the mood.

    Having failed, Lala cries. With some subtle help from Peke Rito sees the seduction book and admits that he enjoyed the date, inspiring Lala to keep trying.

    On the way to school, Haruna notices a dog running around her. Haruna then confesses to Rito, shocking him. When Rito tries to confess back, Haruna freaks out from seeing some dogs and Rito sees Oshizu leaving Haruna's body.

    Oshizu explains she had been running away from the dog Haruna saw earlier and accidentally possessed her before deciding to have fun with Haruna's body.

    She also explains she only confessed to Rito because it was something Haruna secretly wanted to do, which embarrasses Haruna. Risa and Mio happily welcome back the real Haruna.

    Mikan wishes to change bodies with Yami to experience her abilities. Yami agrees and Lala performs the change. With switched bodies, Mikan struggles to control Yami's abilities and has to escape the principal.

    Yami, on the other hand, easily beats up the Principal without her abilities and learns about siblings and caring from Rito, who does not know about the body swap and thinks Mikan is sick or depressed.

    Afterwards, Yami admits she has learned new things about Rito and is slightly envious Mikan has him as her brother.

    Run begs Rito to pretend to be her boyfriend because she lied to Kyouko about being in a relationship.

    As Rito and Run walk with Kyouko, the principal attacks. Run accidentally strips her and Kyouko with a clothes dissolving bomb that she had mistaken for a pervert repellent bomb.

    After torching the principal, Kyouko tells Run that she knows Run lied about having a boyfriend. Rito brings Lala to restore their clothes, but Lala hypes over Kyouko instead.

    Rito requests from Yui a book titled "Midnight Date" for his dad's manga and hands her his contact info. Yui contacts Rito with a text message about the book, but Rito is too sleepy and wants Momo to answer.

    Momo misinterprets the message as being about an actual date between Rito and Yui and responds awkwardly. Yui in turn misinterprets Momo's awkward response to mean more than it does.

    Nana takes Rito's cellphone and asks a more provocative question about breasts. Celine then steals the phone and sends a nude photo of Lala to Yui.

    Nana, unable to understand why so many girls like Rito, storms out of the house after catching Momo sneaking into Rito's bed again. She then rescues Maron from a car.

    As Nana collects information from Maron, Haruna finds him and takes Nana into her apartment where she meets Haruna's older sister, Akiho.

    Nana and Haruna talk about their viewpoints on Rito, prompting Nana to return home but ends up caught in the rain.

    Rito then appears with a spare umbrella for her, though they end up arguing again. Haruna, knowing that she cannot continue to hide her feelings, tells Lala that she likes Rito too.

    After the amoeba was defeated by Yami and Lala, Rito tells Lala in private that he loves her, but loves Haruna too.

    Lala happily proposes that Rito marry both of them. Peke says, "Since the marriage between Rito-Dono and Lala-Sama will make him the king of universe earth rules won't matter anymore".

    Before Rito could oppose, Lala pushes Rito towards Haruna so he could confess to her too. Oshizu accidentally rips Haruna's swimsuit, making her run away before Rito confesses to her.

    His confession is instead accidentally directed to Nana, Yui, Ryouko, and Run, inspiring Lala to happily suggest that Rito should marry all the girls and then they can all stay together.

    The story begins with Rito rudely awakened by each Deviluke alien. Rito explains his routine life and is most concerned with Momo due to her deceptive intents.

    As Rito arrives at school, he meets Haruna. Lala tries to encourage Rito to confess to her, but Rito pushes Lala to a corner and explains to her the situation is complicated as people are legally allowed to marry one person.

    Out from nowhere, Celine clings onto Rito. Momo and Nana surprise everyone that they have enrolled in their school.

    Now students, Momo winks at Rito, reminding him of the conversation last night in the bathtub. Momo overheard Rito's concern about marrying multiple girls and explained to Rito that many girls love him and marrying them all would make everyone happy.

    As the future king of Deviluke, he can have many concubines. Momo vows to create a harem for Rito. During class, Momo becomes popular among the boys while Nana greets a mysterious girl looking out the window.

    Nana impresses her with her ability to understand animals. The girl introduces herself as Mea. Later, Momo finds Yami at a bench.

    As Yami is an obstacle to her harem plan, Momo tries to secretly enlist Yami in her harem plan by convincing her to enroll. The conversation gets cut short when Rito runs in panic stating that the other boys suddenly went violent.

    The other boys arrive on the scene and attack Yami, forcing her to use her weapons. After Yami and Momo restrain the boys, Yami hears a mysterious voice reminding her that she's an assassin assigned to kill Rito.

    Mea speaks with the mysterious voice about her day. The voice reminds Mea about her job; killing Rito and reverting Yami back to an assassin.

    Meanwhile, Momo warns the dangers of Yami to Rito and convinces him that Yami may change back and kill him anytime.

    Next, Momo is surprised to see Mikan kills Yami and uses her properties to make a food that changes depending on what you like toeat.. Nana also comments about making a new friend to Lala.

    During the dinner service, Rito freaks out over Yami's Taiyaki soup and thinks she may have set a trap. He nearly vomits and asks to go shopping.

    During bedtime, Rito finds Momo in his bed. Momo warned Rito earlier that she must protect Rito to allow the harem plan to progress.

    Yami may kill Rito in his sleep. As Rito tries to sleep, Momo caresses him every way, forcing Rito to shove her aside.

    As Rito later takes a drink, Yami asks Rito for a talk. Yami explains about her cooking lessons and compares it to her attacks.

    Momo mistakes it for an assault and jumps down to defend Rito. However Yami only wanted to know if Rito enjoyed her Taiyaki soup. The next day, Yami also becomes enrolled.

    Mea finds Yami and explains how she is Yami's sister with similar abilities. During class, Yami does not get along with other students and blocks people from befriending her.

    Momo offers to help but get rejected too. Meanwhile, Mea asks Nana about Rito. Nana simply replies, "He's a beast. Momo then talks to Ryouko, who loved Yami being enrolled.

    She tells Momo how Yami's lifestyle has been only fighting. While Yami is sitting on a bench wondering about her feelings, Yui approaches Yami and tells her that not understanding their own feelings is normal, and she too does not understand her own feelings.

    Then Nana asks Yami if she's seen Mea. While Rito is asleep on the roof Mea climbs on top of Rito and whispers how she'll be able to know what he's truly like once they are "joined together".

    Rito wakes up in his dream and finds himself inside his bathroom with Mea. Mea tests Rito's beast-like moves and asks Rito if he experienced something similar.

    She reads Rito's mind about Momo and her harem plan. Back in reality, Yami cuts Mea off from reading Rito's mind and warns her to not bother Rito.

    Mea walks off and learns about the harem plan and how she and Momo are competing for Yami. Later, Nana introduces Mea to Lala and friends.

    Rito sees Mea and realizes her from the dream earlier. As Mea speaks obscenity to Rito, Momo considers adding Mea into her harem plan.

    Afterschool, Rito spots Yui and offers to walk home together since Mikan is cleaning up Saibai's studio and Momo and Nana are with Lala at an important event.

    Yui is first skeptical but accepts. She finds this a perfect opportunity to advance her harem plan and devises a way to lure Rito and Yui into Rito's house.

    She first uses the principal to chase them toward Rito's home and simulates rain to get both of them inside. Inside, Momo surrounds the home with a barrier and creates a romantic scenery by simulating rain and a blackout.

    Rito accidentally falls onto Yui, giving Momo signs that her romantic scenery is working. She panics when she finds Mikan and the others trying to get inside during the romance.

    Then, Mea shoots a laser beam and destroys the barrier, breaking Momo's scenery and exposing Rito and Yui to everyone.

    Lala tells Rito there was no rain today and Mikan sees Momo's tail, adding to her suspicions about Momo. Meanwhile, Mea tells master, the mysterious voice, she was only messing with Momo's harem plan.

    A mysterious assassin named Azenda arrives to earth seeking revenge with Yami. Mea questions her regarding Yami, but master believes Azenda could help revert Yami into an assassin and kill Rito.

    Meanwhile, Mikan wakes up to find Celine missing. She hears moaning noises through Rito's room and blasts into his room only to find him playing a game with Momo and Celine.

    Momo tries to reassure Mikan that she's only supporting Lala's love, but Mikan does not believe it. In the shower, Momo wonders who destroyed her barrier and relates it to fact that someone is targeting Rito and Yami.

    After another disastrous day at school involving Oshizu using her telekinetic powers on Haruna, Yami feels lonely and visits Mikan.

    As they both eat Taiyaki, Yami hears Mikan express her concerns about Momo. Mikan gives Yami a Taiyaki keychain and shows her pair to symbolize their friendship.

    Yami happily accepts. The following night, Rito finds Yami. Rito is happy that she talked to Mikan as Mikan usually feels depressed.

    Yami feels strange about happiness per Mea's words. Rito assures Yami that she should do what she wants.

    Suddenly, Azenda appears and confronts Yami. Having observed Yami earlier, she uses Mikan as a marionette to defend herself and attack Yami.

    Being friends, Yami chooses not to attack, allowing Azenda to easily defeat Yami. Next, Mikan tackles Yami and does obscene gestures, setting them in perfect position for Azenda to kill them both.

    Azenda rambles about how she lost her pride after Yami defeated her and uses this chance to get even. Rito tries to stop Azenda explaining that Yami and Mikan do not deserve this, but Azenda chooses to kill Rito instead.

    At the finale, Momo intercepts with her plant monsters and defeats Azenda. Mea sees the fight from a distance and is unsatisfied that Yami did not attack Azenda.

    A Woman? During swimming class, Mea feels dejected about the Azenda fight. Earlier, she tried to convince Yami to revert to a weapon but Yami rejects and explains that there is more in life than fighting.

    On the other side, Yami talks to Momo regarding Mea's stubbornness about living as a weapon and how she was like her before.

    Nana finds Mea depressed and looks for ways to cheer her up by asking Rito for advice. Rito suggests to do something fun with Mea, giving Nana an idea.

    Afterschool, Nana grabs Mea to the riverside where she has an event prepared. At first, Maron hops onto Mea and licks her. Seeing Mea enjoying Maron, Nana adds more fun by bringing out more animals.

    The animals and Maron become jealous over licking and fight to lick Mea. Haruna, and Rito become caught in fray as well when an octopus and a squid appear.

    Nana tries to reclaim her De-Dial after a monkey steals it, but the monkey leads her in front of a moving truck. Mea sees Nana in danger and tries to rescue Nana by attacking the driver.

    However, Yami and Lala stop the truck in time. Nana apologizes over the incident, but Mea thanks Nana for the fun and Lala concludes the operation as successful.

    The next day, Mea hears the principal talking about his Run poster and asks who Run is. Haruna and Nana explain to Mea that Run is an alien who can switch genders.

    Lala jumps in and demonstrates that Rito could change genders too. Now Riko, she tells Lala to turn her back but the machine fails, forcing them to leave early.

    Mikan returns and is shocked to find Riko dressed up as a maid. She is more disgusted to find Mea licking Riko.

    Riko offers Mea tea, but Mea overloads it with sugar cubes and feeds some to Celine, making Celine spit it out at Riko. Now sticky, Riko tries to change out of the outfit but is uncomfortable with looking at her body.

    Momo offers to show her body to Riko. Riko sidetracks by asking where Mea went. Momo replies, "She left. Mea sneaks in and witnesses Momo's deceptions.

    Using the memory she got from Rito before, Mea forces Momo to let her in regarding the harem plan. Momo reluctantly accepts, hoping that Mea can get master to come out.

    Mea and Momo lick Rito until Riko changes back. Mikan enters the room and is shocked to find Mea and Momo along with a naked Rito. Mea exposes Momo's cover-up, making Mikan scold at all three of them and kick Mea and Momo out of Rito's room.

    Run stops by Rito's house and wants to ask Rito for advice, but Rito is seemingly occupied at the time. Momo quickly fixes a meet up with Rito, hoping to advance her harem plan.

    During the meet up, Momo and the others spy on Rito. Mea wants to see kissing while Nana wants to keep Rito from naughty acts. In the cafe, Run asks Rito his opinion about her manager forbidding relationships.

    Rito tells her not to stress herself, inspiring Run. He causes chaos with Saki, Aya, and Rin, prompting them to escape. Outside, Rito and Run talk about Memoruzians and their ability to change genders.

    Momo suspects that Rito may be making progress. Run cries admitting that she loves Rito but could not compete with Lala due to her ability to become Ren, therefore making her not completely female.

    Her idol career also makes it difficult to meet with Rito. Next, Run feels ill; Rito brings her to nearby bench. Momo and the others catch up with Momo thinking that Rito may be making sexual encounters.

    Enraged, Nana jumps out to attack Rito only to find Yui stopping Rito too. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Run glows and splits from Ren, becoming two bodies.

    Yami explains from the encyclopedia that Memoruzians split into two different bodies when they reach adulthood using a process called "metamorphosis".

    Momo finds this outcome rewarding as the Run-Ren transition is no longer an obstacle to her harem plan. Lala brings out an item that grows Nana's breasts, but it only works for a few seconds and shrinks Momo's breasts.

    Momo sarcastically admits that she understood Nana's feeling. Later in Mikado-sensei's office, Rito and friends discuss about Lala's inventions and Oshizu asks about Lala's childhood.

    Momo recalls the frequent incidents with Lala's inventions; whenever she was fighting with Nana, Lala's inventions ran wild and they both cleaned up Lala's mess.

    At lunch, Rito and friends visit Mea's apartment. The apartment is empty and Mea notes that she lives alone. Nana finds it strange knowing that Yami is her sister while Momo was hoping to collect more details about master.

    In the follow-up meeting with Mikado-sensei and Oshizu, Momo expresses concerns about Mea and how she may be hiding her true heart.

    Yami notes that their hearts are incomparable with a human's heart because she and Mea are both weapons. Rito invalidates Yami's claim and relates the sibling analogy to Mikan.

    The meeting is cut short when a dog clings onto Oshizu, making her rip Yami's clothes, causing Yami to chase after Rito.

    Rito considers it as he thinks about Momo's harem plan. Later at night, Mikan asks Rito to call Lala and her sisters down for dinner. Rito enters Lala's room and finds her fixing an invention.

    Rito asks Lala when she started making inventions; Lala replies that it naturally came to her whenever she got bored. Momo hears Rito in Lala's room and thinks Lala is about to kiss Rito, but rejects the theory.

    She and Nana listen on. Rito asks Lala about her incidents; Peke replies that they were incentives to reunite Momo and Nana.

    Remembering what Ren said, Rito panics as he looks at Lala and activates an invention which wraps around Lala and exposes her privates and proceeds to tie both of them up.

    Momo and Nana discuss how much Lala cared for them. At the bridge on the way home, Mikan sees Momo who offers to take her home for the rest of the way.

    Mikan understood that Momo was eavesdropping the entire conversation earlier; she does not yell at her though.

    Momo tells Mikan how she envies her since Rito has been with Mikan much longer than her. Momo remembers how Rito told her Mikan is his "one and only, dear little sister" and how he considers her more than that.

    Momo also expresses her feelings for Rito to Mikan. Before they could continue, Rito appears running and screaming as he was very concerned about Mikan.

    Mikan pretends not to care but feels happier on the inside knowing that her brother cares for her. The episode begins with Rito thanking Rin for taking care of Mikan.

    Later, due to one of Lala's inventions, Rito and Yami become stuck to each other by the hand, Yami immediately tries to cut Rito's hand but Momo explains the effects will wear out eventually.

    Yami goes to buy food with Rito and makes it clear she does not want him touching her inappropriately over her food. While she is buying taiyaki , Rito is embarrassed when the seller thinks they are a couple.

    They sit on a bench where Rito invites Yami over for dinner at his house which she accepts. Back home, Rito helps Yami cook dinner.

    Nana thinks of feeding Rito because he can only use one hand but quickly blushes and forgets about it. Lala apologizes that her invention caused this mess and Mikan lets Yami stay as long she needs to.

    Next, Yami has to shower. Nana steps in despite Momo's demands, saying that she prevent Rito from doing anything perverted. In the shower, Rito is blindfolded while Nana washes Yami's back.

    Everything turns around when Rito's blindfold slips off, resulting in a beating. During bedtime, Yami and Rito must sleep together. As they are alone, Yami tells Rito how she never sleeps anymore and wants to talk about the past with him.

    While this happens, Oshizu goes for a walk when she encounters Mea. She follows Mea and wants to understand more about Mea. Oshizu leaves her body and enters Mea's mind.

    She first finds sweets and Rito licking her. As she goes deeper, she sees memories of Mea's past. Mea asked for information about Yami and hears her talking to someone who she calls "Master".

    Oshizu tries to find out about Master but is suddenly kicked out by Mea herself as she detected Oshizu's presence.

    The darkness power inside Mea nearly swallows up Oshizu until Oshizu returns to her original body. Mea approached Oshizu and tells her that she could have died if she stayed in there longer.

    Oshizu, terrified, asks Mea "Who are you". Yami starts telling Rito about her past, explaining how she was created by a woman named Tearju Lunatique using her own cells, therefore Yami is effectively a clone Tearju and sees her as her mother.

    However, Tearju was taken away from Yami by the association that had asked to create Yami. They forced Yami to follow the path of darkness and trained her to be a weapon.

    She doesn't know what happened to Tearju and also notes that the society was destroyed when the Devilukes unified the universe.

    Rito demands revenge, which confuses Yami given that Rito is her target. Yet somehow, Yami feels safe with Rito as she leans towards him.

    During the conversation, Momo tries to spy on Yami, but is caught by Mikan. Momo convinces Mikan the necessity to spy on them claiming that Rito may do inappropriate acts with Yami in his sleep.

    Mikan reluctantly tags along, but stops and grabs Momo's tail, making Momo scream for help. The effects of Lala's invention soon wears off.

    Rito praises about being detached from Yami, but Yami feels insulted and knocks him down. She snuggles close to him for the rest of the night.

    The next day in school, everyone is Rito's class is surprised to see a new assistant who Rito recognizes as Tearju. While Lala and friends discuss Tearju, Oshizu asks Rito to come with her.

    Mikado tells Rito she and Oshizu brought Tearju to earth during her investigation. She found a photo of Tearju and was able to trace her whereabouts.

    Meanwhile, Momo tells Yami to meet Tearju but Yami does not respond. Rito finds Tearju in the hallway and asks her to meet Yami.

    Tearju hesitates, blaming herself for abandoning Yami. The principal starts chasing after Tearju, making both of them run. Lala finds Rito and Tearju running and offers them help.

    She teleports them behind the bushes partly naked. Yami, sitting on a nearby bench, knocks out Rito, catching Tearju's attention.

    Tearju looks at Yami and calls her "Eve". Tearju tries to talk to Yami and apologizes for abandoning her. She tried to escape with Yami when the organization tried to eliminate her, but the plan was foiled and Yami was taken away.

    She hid her identity until the organization was destroyed. Yami refuses to let her life as "Golden Darkness" go and walks off making Momo concerned about Yami's honesty.

    Ryouko finds the situation normal as they have not met each other for a long time. Meanwhile, Nana tells Mea about a new assistant in Lala's class triggering Mea's instincts after master told her about Tearju being one of their main enemies.

    Nana questions Mea's reaction and seeks Haruna and Lala for help, thinking Mea is still hiding a secret. They all help cheer Mea up by remodeling her apartment.

    Haruna picks the design while Lala helps Nana obtain financing from their father. Meanwhile, Momo and Rito ask Tearju about Mea and master. Tearju is unsure but knows that the organization wanted to mass produce transform weapons.

    Momo gives Tearju self-defense seeds to protect her from master. The seeds will trap the enemy and call Momo for help.

    Afterschool, Mea finds Tearju alone and breaks in wanting to talk to Tearju. Oshizu spots Mea and strips Mea's clothing, warning Tearju that Mea is dangerous based on her previous analysis.

    However, Mea is not afraid of being stripped and quickly escapes and regenerates her clothes. Tearju trips and activates the seeds, tying Oshizu and her up and calling Momo for help.

    When Rito and Momo arrive, they see Mea's true identity. Mea only follows orders from Nemesis, her master. Tearju explains that Nemesis was created from a project parallel to Yami and her and was originally frozen.

    Mea remembers how Nemesis courted her shortly after she was born. Nemesis trained her to become a transform weapon and told her about Yami being her sister.

    Tearju and Momo convince Mea to change her lifestyle, but Mea leaves with the note that she will remain loyal to her master Nemesis. Momo plays through several dating sims and takes notes hoping to aid her harem plan.

    As Momo completes another pathway, she wonders how she can use these concepts to solve the main issue: Rito. Momo wonders when she fell in love with Rito and remembers how Rito shared many interests with her such as plants.

    As Momo thinks of Rito more, she slowly starts to fondle her tail until Nana walks in. Momo's romantic fantasies of Rito continue throughout school.

    At school, a group of boys who share a love interest with Momo form a fanclub titled "Venus Momo Club". As members, the club will dedicate themselves into helping Momo out.

    At first, Momo appreciates the help such as accepting all her duties, cleaning her furniture, and acting as bodyguards but as time goes on, the club distances Momo from Rito more, making her unable to spend time with Rito.

    Momo sees Lala spending personal time with Rito and Rito making accidental gestures with other girls, making her feel left out.

    Momo's depression reaches the critical point and devises a way to spend personal time with Rito. During P. Momo's club waits outside the locker room for Momo and learns about her biggest threat: Rito.

    Because Rito is frequently discussed by the morals committee and Momo lives with him, Momo will not be safe from Rito. Later, Rito receives a message from Momo to meet her in the storage shed.

    When Rito enters the storage shed, Momo locks the door and tackles him. She feels aroused over Rito and asks Rito how he feels being alone.

    Momo deeply caresses him and daydreams of Rito becoming sexually active with her. Momo continues to seduce Rito until Momo's club finds out, thanks to Mea tipping them off.

    The club attacks Rito for kidnapping Momo, but Momo becomes very angry and forces the club to apologize to Rito.

    In the end, Momo blames Mea for ruining the moment and wonders how she can win Rito's heart. Rito also cannot understand Momo's true intentions.

    Rito begins his day with the usual activities: Momo sneaking into his bed, a beating from Nana, and accidental groping with Lala. On the way to school, Rito greets all of his classmates and receives another beating from Yami for running into her.

    As they prepare for class, Momo reminds Rito of her harem plan. Lala also encourages Haruna to confess to Rito. In the afternoon, Haruna, fresh from tennis practice, finds Nana at school for her remedial classes.

    They sit together and have a chat; Nana also shares a Deviluke sports drink with Haruna. Momo, waiting for Rito to finish his remedial classes, joins them.

    She asks Haruna about her progress with Rito in which Haruna admits she needs help. She loves Rito but does not want to jeopardize her friendship with Lala as she loves Rito too.

    By Earth's tradition, Rito can only marry one woman. Momo tries to convince Haruna that polygamy is common in the universe and that Earth is simply outdated.

    As Nana argues with Momo about polygamy, Haruna suddenly begins to act strange. Rito arrives and informs Momo and Nana that the Deviluke drink earlier has made Haruna drunk.

    Momo, attempting to advance her harem plan, asks Rito to escort Haruna home. Rito accepts and avoids detection from the principal.

    At Haruna's apartment, Haruna, still drunk, seduces Rito and mentions Momo's harem plan. Haruna asks Rito about his feelings for the harem plan but Haruna sobers up.

    Akiho also arrives home and greets Haruna in an embarrassing situation. Rito quickly leaves. While Akiho continuously apologizes to Haruna, Momo finds Rito and asks him about his day with Haruna.

    Meanwhile, Mea is asking for Nemesis's whereabouts. Rito finds Momo in his bed again. Momo reminds Rito about her harem plan and advises him to be careful of Mea.

    Meanwhile, Mea is worried that Nemesis is not responding to her as she always relies on her master for directions. She tries to hide her concerns from Nana who is inviting her to a bakery.

    Elsewhere, Tearju thanks Rito for helping her and asks him if Momo has new information about Mea. Momo is more concerned about Yami skipping classes.

    Tearju understands Yami's motives about staying away from her and wishes to see her and Mikan, Yami's friend.

    As Rito thinks about the friendship, Lala bumps into him and accidentally drops an invention. Rito activates it turning him into a mouse. Being small, Rito can easily see girl's underwear, making him uncomfortable.

    He desperately searches for Lala but his small size makes him vulnerable to being stepped on. He eventually lands under Yami's clothing. Originaltitel: Sightseeing mit Lala Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Sightseeing mit Lala" ist die 3.

    Originaltitel: Delikatessen aus dem All Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Delikatessen aus dem All" ist die 4. Originaltitel: Der Schönheitswettbewerb Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Der Schönheitswettbewerb" ist die 5.

    Originaltitel: Schaf im Wolfspelz Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Schaf im Wolfspelz" ist die 6. Originaltitel: Wann ist Man n ein Mann? Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Wann ist Man n ein Mann?

    Originaltitel: Das Moralkomitee Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Das Moralkomitee" ist die 8. Originaltitel: Von einem anderen Stern Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Von einem anderen Stern" ist die 9.

    Originaltitel: Ein Star für Stella Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Ein Star für Stella" ist die Originaltitel: Goldene Finsternis Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Goldene Finsternis" ist die Originaltitel: Sportfest der besonderen Art Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Sportfest der besonderen Art" ist die Originaltitel: Die Nummer 1 des Universums Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Die Nummer 1 des Universums" ist die Originaltitel: Unser Geheimnis Erstausstrahlung: Falls er es nicht schafft, wird ihr Vater ihn töten und auch die Erde zerstören.

    Anime Science-Fiction Comedy Romantik. Hauptdarsteller Keine Angabe. Autoren Saki Hasemi, Yabuki Kentarou. Zufällige Episode. Sprachen Deutsch Deutsch Sub.

    Staffeln Specials 1 2 3 4. Das Mädchen, das vom Himmel fiel. Vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen. Sightseeing mit Lala. Delikatessen aus dem All.

    Das Charakterdesign ist zweifelsohne sehr ansprechend, und Charakteristisch ist dank dem grossen Cast für jeden was dabei. Wenn man aber mal den Blick von den Unterhöschen und BHs weg kriegen sollte und durch den Raum schweifen lässt, dann erkennt man Philip K Dick die sehr spartanische Silhouette: Symetrische Fenster, Stühle, Autos. Als sie zum finalen Hieb ansetzt, kommt Zastin Traum Fallen und kann Rito im letzten Moment retten. Er will Rito zur Rede stellen um herauszufinden, was dieser für seine Tochter empfindet. Will he learn the secret of the Big Bang? Doch Lala beeindruckt das nicht sonderlich, erst als Ren — nach intensivem Training — in einem Sportwettbewerb glänzen kann, hört er von Lala die Worte, auf die er Außer Kontrolle Film lange gewartet hat. Saruyama hat einen Traum. Er nimmt Haruna gefangen und verschleppt sie in den Geräteschuppen.

    To Love Ru Staffel 1 - Erinnerungs-Service per E-Mail

    Schon bald hören sie merkwürdige Geraüsche und bekommen Angst. Dann werde ich ihn auf jedenfall kaufen. Gemeinsam mit Lala und Zastin richtet

    Die Episode "Die Prinzessin des Dschungels" ist die Originaltitel: Badetag Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Badetag" ist die Originaltitel: Der Geist der alten Schule Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Der Geist der alten Schule" ist die Originaltitel: Saruyama, das Souvenir Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Saruyama, das Souvenir" ist die Originaltitel: Die heissen Quellen der Hölle Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Die heissen Quellen der Hölle" ist die Originaltitel: Magical Kyoko Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Magical Kyoko" ist die Originaltitel: Das Kulturfestival Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Das Kulturfestival" ist die Originaltitel: Saruyamas Traum Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Saruyamas Traum" ist die Originaltitel: Lala ausser Rand und Band Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Lala ausser Rand und Band" ist die Originaltitel: Die letzte Nacht der Erde Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Die letzte Nacht der Erde" ist die Originaltitel: Alles oder nicts Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Alles oder nicts" ist die Schaue jetzt To Love-Ru - Staffel 1.

    Alle 4 Staffeln von To Love-Ru. Staffel 2. Folge 7. Wann ist Man n ein Mann? Folge 8. Folge 9. Folge Goldene Finsternis - Golden Darkness.

    Die Prinzessin des Dschungels - Princess of the Jungle. Badetag - Run's Surprise Confession. Saruyama, das Souvenir - Saruyama, the Gift.

    Lala ausser Rand und Band - With Shyness. Alles oder nichts - Lala. Eines Tages, als er nach Hause kommt und schmollend in der Badewanne sitzt, taucht ein nacktes Mädchen wie aus dem Nichts auf.

    Ihr Vater möchte, dass sie wieder heimkehrt, damit sie einen seiner Hochzeitskandidaten heiraten kann. Doch sie entscheidet, dass sie lieber Rito zum Ehemann nehmen will, um auf der Erde zu bleiben.

    Später wird Commander Zastin geschickt, um sie zurückzubringen. Falls er es nicht schafft, wird ihr Vater ihn töten und auch die Erde zerstören.

    Anime Science-Fiction Comedy Romantik. Hauptdarsteller Keine Angabe. Autoren Saki Hasemi, Yabuki Kentarou.

    Zufällige Episode. Sprachen Deutsch Deutsch Sub. Staffeln Specials 1 2 3 4.

    Er will Rito zur Rede stellen um herauszufinden, was dieser für seine Tochter empfindet. Schnell suchen die drei Zuflucht in einem Kleidergeschäft. Selten so viel gelacht. Sortieren nach: Epis. Beim Joggen trifft er zufällig Haruna und beginnt ein Gespräch mit ihr Er ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna Sairenji verliebt, doch sämtliche Versuche, ihr seine Liebe zu gestehen, Mädchens stets von Wetter 7 Tage verhindert. Rito Yuki ist ein tollpatschiger Typ. Action: 4 Humor: 8 Spannung: 8 Erotik: 9 Also ich hab die 1. To Love Ru Staffel 1 To Love Ru Staffel 1 Sex Spiele Film that night, Mikan offers to be a substitute, giving Stella an idea of having Mikan, Rito, and Lala as a trio. The cat then suffers stomach pains and explains that she's pregnant, and that she accepted a Gleiche Himmel to kill Lala before she knew her pregnancy would become a problem. Rito is devastated to hear from Haruna Fernseher 26 Zoll she thinks he and Lala are suited for each other. Momo's romantic fantasies of Rito continue throughout school. Sprachen Deutsch Deutsch Sub. Saruyama is then left in charge of taking care of her while she's giving birth. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Chronik Der Unterwelt file. While the anime uses characters and general themes from the original manga, a large majority of this Clown 2014 was anime-original and did not adapt much material from its source manga. Und so beginnt er, Annabelle 2 Kinox fertig zu Werwolf, um seine erworbene Männlichkeit unter Beweis zu stellen Die Musikuntermalung während dem Anime ist auch sehr gelungen und passend. Original-Erstausstrahlung: Do To Love-Ru: Trouble. Dann werde ich ihn auf jedenfall kaufen.


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