Go back to cat, re-apply dots, then use mangle and ferocious bite exclusively. It was very, very close. I solo’d it, and it was actually really easy. I kind of wanted him be eaten. Commentaire de unitepunx This is the NPC http: I gasped to myself and was about to give up when I saw the number of hp Cho’war had

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Start off with Garrote, since Cheap Shot he is immune to. Commentaire de xtrem Did it easy with me 66 rogue and 68 bloodtsrike druid, no jumping or anything. It was very, very close. Kill usually the add right in front of him can easily attack it at level 67ish without pulling him. Commentaire de Dalkaen Soloed with a level 67 Protection Warrior. Wa is assessed on foot by going through the entrance cave at 26,

Commentaire de Jaece Soloed this at 69 as a prot Warrior. Reapply dots blodstrike hop off once more. Commentaire de namroht He cannot be CC’ed.

Telecharger map bloodstrike 1 way cs

I kind of wanted him be eaten. Then you’ll have to walk outside for a bit – keep to the left wall and you’ll see another entrance at I got key though, so we were fine. I keep my distance, unload on him and keep George healthy. I imagine that a true tanking pet with the right talents could last even longer.


map cs bloodstrike 1 way

As you get to the entrance, walk through the cave, you’ll see blodstrike at his spot. Commentaire de nerdygirl As a level 63 hunter, I found it harder to find the guy then actually kill him.

The idea is to fight him with time left on both SnD and recuperate.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

After I lost about health, I activated Shield Wall, but otherwise continued my normal rotation. He will not reset but run back towards your pet which is conveniently parked at his spawn location. Now why couldn’t Corki phase through the box? Commentaire de buzzpinguin I solo’d him as a 68 frost mage. Then, when my shield broke, I jumped down with slow fall, Ice lancing him in the air. Made sure I had Commanding Shout up before starting and charged in. My Ghoul Minion slashed at him, and with this process I took him down with little difficulty.

Or just fly over the mountain straight to his lair’s entrance. Commentaire de JKane The back door entrance is at 27,11 if you just want to fly there and skip half of the ogres. When he gets close, feign death. George the gorilla keeps his attention with growl and stomp.

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Telecharger map bloodstrike 1 way cs 1.6

Just kill or avoid all of the mobs in this small cave. Just blow your CD’s and he should die with little to no problem.


map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Go Bear and pop Frienzied Regeneration when you’re getting low on hp. Used one bubble, one super mana pot and didn’t have to LoH at all. I barely survived the fight. Bague de tueur d’ogres.

Commentaire de xtrem Did it easy with me 66 rogue and 68 feral druid, no jumping or anything. Lastly, be careful about your placement, preferably stand in Cho’war spawn spot, otherwise wsy risk aggroing the Warmaul Warlock which spawns very close and there is also a Warmaul Brute patrolling sometimes.

Afterwards, George gets a crusty flatbread and some Halaani grapes. I had about health left by the time it was over. Commentaire de Gigabear This mob’s pockets have been removed recently, likely to block glyph of disguise from copying him. Or just fly over the moth of the cave and over bloocstrike mountain to the back.

Rouge tanked tho and died at the very last second.