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    Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch

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    Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch

    Gibt es Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager auf Netflix, Amazon? Jetzt online Stream finden! Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager: „Raumschiff Voyager“ ist die vierte Serie aus dem „Star Trek“-Universum, spielt im Jahrhundert in den Jahren . "Star Trek: Voyager" könnt ihr sowohl im Fernsehen als auch als Stream sehen. Alle aktuellen Sendetermine im TV findet ihr in unserer.

    Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch Streame Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager jetzt bei diesen Anbietern

    Ein echter STAR TREK-KLASSIKER! Die VOYAGER erwartet eine lange Reise voller Gefahren durch unbekannte Galaxien und Welten. Natürlich auf TELE 5. Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager jetzt legal online anschauen. Die U.S.S. Voyager ist Lichtjahre von der Erde entfernt im Delta Deutsch, Englisch. Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager jetzt legal streamen. Hier findest du einen Überblick aller Anbieter, bei denen du Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager online schauen. Stream und Download. Auszeichnungen: Emmy für die Besten Visuellen Effekte (). Emmy für die Besten Visuellen Effekte (). Emmy für die Besten. Gibt es Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager auf Netflix, Amazon? Jetzt online Stream finden! Das Star-Trek-Franchise zieht weiter seine Bahnen, während die USS Voyager einem Maquis-Schiff in die Badlands folgt und Lichtjahre von Zuhause. (Star Trek: Voyager). USA, – Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager:Die komplette Serie (47 DVDs) Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden.

    Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch

    Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager jetzt legal streamen. Hier findest du einen Überblick aller Anbieter, bei denen du Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager online schauen. Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager — stream online Deutsch (German). Serial HD Online Kostenlos. Das Star-Trek-Franchise zieht weiter seine Bahnen, während die USS Voyager einem Maquis-Schiff in die Badlands folgt und Lichtjahre von Zuhause. Ihr geht ein hohes und teures Risiko ein, eine Abmahnung zu erhalten. Fernsehlexikon Paramount tlg. RushMarvin V. Geburtstag der unendlichen Weiten mit unserem Quiz! Star Trek - Das nächste Jahrhundert 15 Folgen werden demnächst ausgestrahlt. In Partnerschaft mit Däumeline Stream. Aktuelle Gewinnspiele. Saturn Award-Spezialpreis Staffel der Politsatire.

    After Harry Kim disappears during his Beowulf holonovel program, Chakotay and Tuvok are sent to investigate and they disappear. Energy beings from a nebula displace Chakotay's consciousness from his body.

    Paris, Torres and Durst are imprisoned by the Vidiians. Neelix is diagnosed with a fatal illness by a Haakonian named Ma'Bor Jetrel.

    While Voyager's mixed Starfleet-Maquis crew seems to be working out, a few rogue Maquis are fighting the integration. Janeway and her crew encounter the Kazon and other new Delta Quadrant enemies as they continue the long, perilous journey back to Earth.

    Voyager answers an ancient SOS distress and finds eight humans -- including Amelia Earhart -- in cryo-stasis on a nearby planet. Chakotay is captured by a young Kazon who is undergoing a manhood ritual.

    The program for the Emergency Medical Hologram is activated due to what the computer describes as a ship-wide emergency. Voyager encounters new life forms that have a very unusual attraction to the ship.

    Harry Kim wakes up in San Francisco having never been assigned to Voyager, which Starfleet considers lost. Voyager encounters a mysterious energy field that surrounds the ship and disrupts the crew's communications system.

    After a disagreement, Neelix and Paris are trapped on an alien planet and must work together so that they and their alien baby ward can survive.

    The Voyager crew enters a new region of space and begins to see hallucinations. The Captain sees her holonovel characters come to life.

    Finding a familiar cultural symbol on an away mission, Chakotay connects with an experience he had as a child and tries to contact his spirit people.

    Ten months after the Caretaker stranded Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, the ship encounters the alien's mate and a station full of Ocampa.

    After the Kazon steal some Federation technology, Chakotay goes after them on his own and is captured. Disguised while on an away mission, Capt.

    Janeway is rescued by a man who thinks that she is his daughter. Voyager finds an automated life-form adrift in space. When B'Elanna Torres reactivates it, the unit realizes she may be able to build more.

    Janeway tries to make an alliance with a Kazon sect for their own protection and so they can continue their journey through the Delta Quadrant.

    After finding a type of dilithium that can survive at higher temperatures, Tom Paris attempts to cross the transwarp threshold.

    Tuvok investigates the murder of a Voyager engineer. Former Maquis and Betazoid Lon Suder confesses to the murder and offers no explanation.

    Voyager comes across a ship that has been destroyed, and upon investigation discovers that B'Elanna Torres is responsible. While Voyager investigates a comet, the crew accidentally releases a member of the Q Continuum who has been imprisoned for over years.

    The Doctor saves a Vidiian dying from the Phage by placing her consciousness in a holographic body -- and he thinks he's falling in love with her.

    Paris leaves Voyager and joins a Talaxian space convoy. Neelix helps smoke out the crewmember who has been passing Federation secrets to the Kazon.

    A "spatial scission" causes Voyager to become duplicated. One of the ships is under heavy attack from the Vidiians while the other remains impervious.

    Tuvok crashes on a planet where he finds some children who know that they are all going to die. Voyager finds a group of people connected in stasis chambers and something has gone terribly wrong.

    Tuvok and Neelix are on an alien planet collecting samples of flora, but when they attempt to beam back up there's a malfunction with the transporter.

    Janeway and Chakotay contract an incurable virus and they'll only survive if they stay on a planet which negates the effects of the disease.

    The Voyager and its crew are drawn into an elaborate Kazon plot using Seska, her son and Chakotay's connection to them as the bait. As Capt. Janeway and her crew continue their journey home, they face many obstacles, including a time rip that sends them back to 20th-century Earth.

    The Kazon commandeer Voyager and strand the crew on a desolate planet, leaving only the Doctor, Paris and the murderer Suder to retake the ship.

    Janeway participates in a mind-meld with Tuvok, reliving his experiences on the USS Excelsior under the command of Capt. Tom Paris and Harry Kim are wrongly convicted of a terrorist bombing.

    Even though Janeway captures the true criminals, Tom and Harry are imprisoned. Voyager is attacked by swarms of tiny spaceships.

    The Doctor is losing his memory, and Torres activates a program run by a familiar hologram. After meeting two Ferengis who have set themselves up as gods on a primitive planet, the Voyager crew plans to use a nearby wormhole to return home.

    Torres starts having vivid dreams about another life, another love and another planet. After Kes is injured by an energy beam on a planet's sacred ground, Janeway must undergo a spiritual quest in order to save her life.

    When a timeship is thrown into the 20th century with the Voyager, the crew finds a company in that has benefited from future technology.

    Henry Starling made a fortune by looting 29th-century technology from the crashed timeship, and is planning a trip into the future to feed his greed.

    A dying warlord takes over Kes's body and is determined to reclaim his home planet. After Q's death in his last meeting with Voyager, a new Q must be produced -- and the mischievous Q known to the Enterprise wants Janeway as his mate.

    After returning from a first contact mission, Janeway, Neelix and the Doctor must retake Voyager from an infestation of microorganisms.

    Voyager heads into a section of space that Neelix has no knowledge of, so he tries to obtain a map of it from a less-than-reputable friend.

    Harry Kim finds himself in love with Marayna, a character from Neelix's Polynesian resort holodeck program. Chakotay and Janeway crash on a planet and are stuck inside a time loop in which Janeway dies.

    Ensign Vorik undergoes the Vulcan mating ritual. The strong chemical imbalance also affects B'Elanna Torres, who exhibits irrational behavior.

    Chakotay finds a planet of unassimilated Borg drones from all over the galaxy. The Doctor incorporates the personalities of several historical figures into his programming.

    B'Elanna warns him the results could be unfavorable. Neelix and Tuvok get trapped on the surface of a planet being bombarded by asteroids.

    Tuvok's negative attitude begins to get on Neelix's nerves. Kim begins experiencing bizarre DNA changes and instinctively leads Voyager to a planet whose inhabitants claim Kim is really a member of their race.

    Nearing death, Kes experiences parts of her life moving backward through time. The Doctor develops an experimental procedure to extend Kes's lifespan.

    The Doctor creates a holographic family, but B'Elanna thinks the simulation is too "nice. A pair of Voth scientists find the remains of a Voyager crew member on the planet where the crew was recently exiled by the Kazon.

    One by one, Voyager's crew members are being replaced by strangers, and the replacements don't know why they are there. Members of the Voyager crew clandestinely participate in a hidden holodeck program where the ship's Maquis members stage an insurrection.

    About to enter Borg space, the Voyager crew discovers a threat so devastating that even the Borg cannot deal with it.

    On their long voyage back to Earth, Capt. Janeway and her spaceship crew do battle with Kazons, Borg, Cardassians and other galactic enemies.

    Voyager finds a solution to combat the invader of Borg space. All Janeway asks is free passage through their territory and she'll share knowledge.

    Seven of Nine, the Borg drone that Voyager severed from the collective, resists as her natural human physiology tries to regenerate.

    The Klingon holiday known as Day of Honor comes and B'Elanna decides to embrace her Klingon heritage and participate in a series of ritual tests.

    Commander Chakotay's shuttle is hit by enemy crossfire and crashes on a planet in the midst of a war. Voyager receives a distress call from a survivor on a damaged ship.

    Upon learning the survivor is a hologram, the Doctor joins B'Elanna on the ship. Janeway is trying to gain passage through a region of space owned by a cautious and xenophobic race of aliens.

    A string of bizarre illnesses afflicts Voyager. The Doctor and Seven of Nine uncover a team of alien researchers performing medical experiments.

    Voyager comes across a Krenim timeship that is wiping whole species from existence by changing the existing timeline. A year after it encountered a Krenim timeship, a badly damaged Voyager with a skeleton crew leads an armada of interplanetary ships against it.

    Voyager visits a planet with a telepathic race that outlaws negative thoughts, and B'Elanna is charged with releasing an angry thought.

    While Janeway is visiting her da Vinci holodeck program, Voyager is mugged by a transporter. They steal everything from the main computer core.

    Neelix experiences a crisis of faith when, after being dead for nearly 19 hours, he is revived by Seven of Nine using her Borg technology.

    The Voyager crew is assaulted in the form of nightmares. An alien species, functioning only in a dream world, traps the crew in a shared dream.

    Voyager starts to receive news from home, both good and bad. It also encounters the Hirogens, who only live to hunt and have their sights on Voyager.

    Helping a wounded Hirogen, Janeway finds that his prey, a member of Species , has boarded Voyager. Seven of Nine claims to have been assaulted by the arms trader who just sold new technology to Voyager.

    After Voyager is captured by the Hirogens, the ship is turned into a massive holodeck so that the Hirogens can hunt members of the crew. Janeway and the crew must retake Voyager from the Hirogens.

    Bored with his daily routine, Tom Paris finds a refreshing friendship with a visiting alien willing to share a new method of propulsion with Voyager.

    Voyager's sensors detect a rare particle theoretically capable of damaging subspace and nullifying warp travel. An alien woman requests asylum aboard Voyager, stating she had been aboard recently and that she and Chakotay fell in love.

    When the Doctor's backup module is found, his program is brought online for the first time in years. Desperate to replenish its power resources, Voyager seeks out a deuterium signature on a class Y -- aka "demon class" -- planet.

    An unavoidable poisonous nebula forces the entire crew into stasis chambers -- all except the unaffected Doctor and Seven of Nine.

    An alien translator by the name of Arturis is able to finally decode the Starfleet message received by Voyager five months ago. Janeway and crew continue to try and find their way home, and Seven of Nine returns to the collective to confront the Borg queen.

    Crew morale hits an all-time low when Voyager must spend two years crossing an expanse devoid of any star systems or signs of life.

    After an away-mission shuttle is caught in a blast, the Doctor's mobile emitter is infected with Seven of Nine's nanoprobes.

    To cope with the loss of her Alpha Quadrant Maquis friends, B'Elanna secretly participates in several dangerous holodeck programs.

    The crew discovers a simulation of Starfleet headquarters being run by Species , the enemy they previously defeated with the help of the Borg.

    The Delta Flyer crash-lands after encountering an ion storm. Voyager desperately tries to rescue Tuvok, Paris and a badly injured Ensign Wildman.

    A miscalculation by Ensign Kim causes a fatal crash during Voyager's first test with slipstream travel. Voyager comes in contact with Borg technology that causes Seven of Nine to display multiple personalities.

    An injured cytoplasmic life-form attaches itself to B'Elanna, tapping into her body like a parasite.

    In a letter to his father, Tom Paris tells the story of the events leading up to his demotion to Ensign and his sentence to 30 days in Voyager's brig.

    Voyager moves through a sector controlled by a race that is suspicious of telepathic life-forms. The crew develops a novel approach to pass safely.

    The Doctor uncovers evidence that his memory was erased 18 months ago. Nearly all traces of a fateful away mission have been deleted.

    While Paris and Kim are running their "Captain Proton" holodeck program, Voyager gets caught in a layer of subspace that is home to photonic aliens.

    A Voyager shuttle manned by Tuvok, Paris and the Doctor is pulled into a subspace gravity well and crashes on a Class D planet that exists within it.

    Voyager discovers what seems to be a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant and home. Images of Earth and letters from family elate the crew.

    The Voyager crew trains to raid a Borg ship. Meanwhile, two years after being liberated, Seven of Nine rejoins the Borg, seemingly of her own will.

    Voyager encounters xenophobic nomads, in space for years, with shipwide malfunctions. The crew's offer to help leads to serious consequences. A respite is in order but a mysterious force is affecting the very fabric of Voyager.

    To solve the mystery, the crew members must retrace their steps. Voyager gets trapped in "chaotic space," a kind of Bermuda Triangle where sensors are useless and a straight line sends the ship running in circles.

    Voyager is sought after by the Hazari, unyielding bounty hunters of the Delta Quadrant. A group of problem-solvers offers a way to outwit the Hazari.

    After answering a Malon freighter's distress call, Torres, Neelix, Chakotay and the surviving Malon have six hours to stop a theta-radiation fallout.

    Voyager makes first contact with the Kadi, a race with a strict social protocol. Meanwhile, Seven of Nine gets lessons in dating from the Doctor.

    The Voyager crew members swap stories of their family histories. Janeway is most proud of her ancestor Shannon O'Donnel, a celebrated astronaut.

    When Voyager is destroyed, Capt. Braxton of the 29th-century timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine to learn who planted the temporal disruptor.

    An alien missile that possesses artificial intelligence begins to terrorize the Voyager crew. Voyager encounters the starship Equinox, a heavily damaged Starfleet vessel trapped in the Delta Quadrant by the same alien who brought Voyager there.

    The Voyager crew encounters Borg children and establishes long-range communications with Starfleet, while the Doctor becomes a musical celebrity.

    Temporarily shielded from the alien attack, Janeway's first priorities are to find the Equinox, stop Ransom and recover Seven of Nine.

    Eager for culture exchange and friendly contact at a space outpost, Janeway grants shore leave to her crew and rolls out the welcome mat for visitors.

    When an ion storm hits her shuttle, B'Elanna is injured and slips into a coma, during which she envisions Klingons killing her and her crewmates.

    The Doctor's experiment with daydreaming spins out of control when an alien race taps into his thoughts and compromises his program.

    The crew discovers a space-age junkyard near their course. Desperate for supplies, Voyager later finds an eager trader. Returning from an away mission, the Delta Flyer is boarded -- and Tuvok is assaulted by a cloaked alien from a xenophobic race called the Ba'Neth.

    Voyager is pulled into a subspace corridor, traveling light-years until pushed out by the Turei, who claim ownership of the labyrinth.

    Voyager encounters a graviton ellipse, a dangerous phenomenon that emerges from subspace on rare occasions. When Seven of Nine upgrades her Borg alcove to assimilate mass amounts of data, it leads to allegations of conspiracy aboard Voyager.

    Back on Earth, Lt. Barclay uses holograms to formulate a plan to open communications with Voyager. Voyager's crew takes part in Paris's latest holodeck getaway in a picturesque Irish coastal town, where Janeway and a pub owner become close.

    Voyager is trapped in orbit above a strange planet where time passes a thousandfold faster than the surrounding galaxy. One species so appreciates the Doctor's singing talent that he considers resigning his commission and staying on with his millions of adoring fans.

    Members of an away mission start dreaming about a species they've never encountered, who are in a gruesome battle on an unknown planet. When Seven of Nine and Tuvok are kidnapped while on an away mission, Seven is forced to fight in a gladiatorial competition -- to the death.

    Revisiting holographic town Fair Haven proves dangerous for Paris and Kim as program characters see Voyager crew members altering program elements.

    Crew member Lyndsay Ballard, who died on an away mission and was given a traditional burial in space three years earlier, resurfaces.

    Seven of Nine should be overjoyed after Icheb's parents are located, but she's suspicious when told about his original assimilation's circumstances.

    In Seven of Nine's assessment of shipwide efficiency, she brings attention to three "black sheep" crew members who've slipped through the cracks.

    A clever trio of identity thieves claiming to be Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok makes trades all over the quadrant and gives Voyager a bad name. When Kim and B'Elanna take the Delta Flyer in search of dilithium, they crash-land on a prewarp planet, where B'Elanna is found by a local poet.

    Kes returns to Voyager. Aged, angry and more powerful than ever, she tears through the ship and then travels back in time to try to alter her history.

    The Pathfinder project makes use of a pulsar and the Midas Array, allowing Voyager to receive and reply to a data stream every 32 days. Neelix becomes extremely agitated as Voyager begins a full shutdown before entering a peculiar astronomical nebula.

    Janeway sees an opportunity to disrupt the Borg when Seven of Nine visits a virtual world where drones retain their individuality for a short time.

    Janeway leads the Voyager in a fight against the Borg, delves into political infighting, escapes a void and finally makes her way back home.

    Unimatrix Zero is a virtual world where drones can exist free of the Borg collective and free of their biomechanical and cortical implants.

    Seven of Nine's life is threatened when her cortical implants begin to degrade. Icheb wants to help her, but his proposition is very risky.

    With Janeway's approval, Paris enters the Delta Flyer in an interspecies, light-speed shuttle race held as a peace celebration.

    Security officer Tuvok is investigating a strange series of attacks on Voyager directed at the former Maquis members. The Doctor is kidnapped from Voyager by an alien who sells him and his mobile emitter to a hospital hovering above a densely populated planet.

    Direct from Starfleet, a hologram of Barclay arrives with instructions to get Voyager home within three days.

    When attacked by a species that detests holographic beings, Seven of Nine downloads the Doctor's program into her implants. Going to the aid of a medical transport, Harry Kim gets his first command.

    The Hirogen species sends Voyager a distress call when their holographic prey become too cunning and cannot be defeated. After Voyager goes through a temporal rift, Chakotay finds he is able to pass through the time spheres that are scattered about the ship.

    Tom and B'Elanna are overjoyed about their coming child, though B'Elanna starts having nightmare flashbacks of her own childhood. Voyager rescues a prison warden and a set of prisoners who are scheduled to be executed, testing the crew members' own ethical beliefs.

    Voyager finds a Klingon ship that left the Alpha Quadrant 80 years before, whose captain claims that B'Elanna's child is a Klingon savior.

    Voyager slips into a pocket of subspace where many other ships are trapped and must steal from each other to survive. Seemingly forgetting their past aboard "Voyager," Janeway and most of the crew are living new lives as industrial workers on an alien planet.

    Chakotay, Kim, Neelix and the Doctor try to rescue the captain and crew from an alien race that has kidnapped them and erased their memories.

    Using the holodeck, Seven of Nine is trying to perfect her social skills to the point of becoming an obsession.

    When Q finds his son too much to handle, he lets Capt. Janeway have a crack at him. During their now-regular communications with Earth and Starfleet, the Doctor sends to Earth a holonovel based too closely on his adventures.

    For the first time in seven years, Voyager gets a mission from Starfleet Command: Retrieve the 21st-century probe Friendship One from a nearby planet.

    Chakotay and Seven of Nine's shuttle is crippled by an energy field and they crash on a planet inhabited by a primitive species. Poi cerca di usare un tunnel spaziale per ritornare a casa.

    Il tenente Torres comincia a fare sogni molto intensi a proposito di una vita, un amore e un pianeta diversi. Su un pianeta alieno, Kes viene colpita da un raggio di energia all'interno di un tempio sacro.

    Per salvarla Janeway deve sottoporsi ad alcuni riti di purificazione. Ora, per soddisfare la sua bramosia, progetta un viaggio nel futuro.

    Dopo la morte di Q nel suo ultimo incontro con la Voyager, occorre un sostituto. Un dispettoso Q ben noto all'Enterprise si propone di fare un figlio con Janeway.

    Non conoscendo la zona dello spazio verso cui si sta dirigendo la Voyager, Neelix cerca di ottenere una mappa da un amico poco raccomandabile.

    Chakotay e Janeway precipitano su un pianeta e rimangono imprigionati in un loop temporale, nel quale il capitano muore.

    Il guardiamarina Vorik si sottopone a un rituale di accoppiamento vulcaniano e lo squilibro chimico che ne deriva coinvolge anche B'Elanna Torres.

    Chakotay scopre un pianeta abitato da droni borg provenienti da tutta la galassia. Il Dottore assimila le caratteristiche di alcune figure storiche per potenziare il programma, ma B'Elanna lo informa dei possibili effetti negativi.

    Neelix e Tuvok restano bloccati su un pianeta colpito da una pioggia di asteroidi. L'atteggiamento negativo di Tuvok comincia a dare sui nervi al compagno.

    Il DNA di Kim subisce strane mutazioni e l'uomo istintivamente guida la Voyager verso un pianeta i cui abitanti lo ritengono un membro della loro specie.

    Sottoposta a un trattamento sperimentale studiato dal Dottore per allungarle la vita, Kes rivive alcuni momenti della sua esistenza passata.

    Uno dopo l'altro, i membri dell'equipaggio della Voyager vengono sostituiti da sconosciuti che non hanno idea di cosa stia succedendo.

    Mentre proseguono nel loro viaggio, il capitano Janeway e il suo equipaggio si scontrano con Kazon, Borg, Cardassiani e altri nemici galattici.

    La Voyager trova il modo di combattere gli invasori dello spazio dei Borg. In cambio delle sue conoscenze Janeway chiede di poter attraversare il territorio nemico.

    Sette di Nove, il drone borg che la Voyager ha separato dal collettivo, oppone resistenza quando la sua fisiologia umana naturale cerca di prendere il sopravvento.

    Vittima del fuoco nemico, la navetta di Chakotay effettua un atterraggio d'emergenza su un pianeta in piena guerra. La Voyager riceve una richiesta di aiuto dal sopravvissuto di una nave danneggiata.

    Appreso che si tratta di un ologramma, il Dottore va con B'Elanna sulla nave fantasma. Il capitano Janeway attraversa lo spazio appartenente a una specie aliena dall'atteggiamento xenofobo e paranoico.

    Quando strani casi medici colpiscono l'equipaggio della Voyager, il Dottore e Sette di Nove scoprono che una specie aliena usa i membri come cavie da esperimento.

    La Voyager s'imbatte in una nave temporale krenim che, grazie a un'arma in grado di modificare la linea temporale, distrugge intere specie. Un anno dopo aver incrociato la nave temporale krenim, una Voyager danneggiata e con equipaggio ridotto conduce un'armata interplanetaria contro la nave nemica.

    Neelix ha una crisi di fede quando, morto da 19 ore, viene riportato in vita da Sette di Nove grazie alla tecnologia borg.

    Con l'aiuto dell'equipaggio, il capitano Janeway cerca di liberare la Voyager caduta nelle mani degli Hirogeni. Per evadere dalla solita routine, Tom Paris stringe amicizia con un alieno che si spaccia per un pilota collaudatore pronto a condividere un nuovo metodo di propulsione.

    I sensori della Voyager rilevano una particella rara, teoricamente in grado di danneggiare il subspazio e azzerare ogni viaggio a curvatura.

    Quando viene ritrovato il modulo di backup del Dottore, il suo programma viene riattivato per la prima volta dopo anni.

    Alla disperata ricerca di rifornire i suoi serbatoi energetici, la Voyager punta ai depositi di deuterio su un pianeta di classe Y, ovvero la "classe demone".

    L'attraversamento di una nebula tossica richiede la messa in stasi criogenica di tutto l'equipaggio, tranne il Dottore e Sette di Nove, che sono immuni.

    Un traduttore alieno di nome Arturis riesce a decodificare il messaggio della Flotta Stellare ricevuto dalla Voyager cinque mesi prima.

    Mentre il capitano Janeway e l'equipaggio continuano a cercare la strada di casa, Sette di Nove torna al collettivo borg per affrontarne la regina.

    Il morale dell'equipaggio precipita quando la Voyager deve passare due anni in una zona di spazio siderale completamente priva di stelle o segni di vita.

    A seguito di un teletrasporto di emergenza da una navetta in missione, l'emettitore olografico portatile del Dottore viene infettato dalle nanosonde di Sette di Nove.

    Per alleviare il dolore dovuto alla perdita dei suoi amici maquis del quadrante Alfa, B'Elanna partecipa segretamente a pericolosi programmi olografici.

    L'equipaggio scopre una simulazione del quartier generale della Flotta Stellare creata dalla specie , il nemico precedentemente sconfitto con l'aiuto dei Borg.

    Il Delta Flyer precipita per una tempesta ionica. La Voyager cerca disperatamente di salvare Tuvok, Paris e il guardiamarina Wildman, gravemente ferita.

    Un errore del guardiamarina Kim causa un incidente fatale durante il primo test della Voyager con la propulsione slipstream.

    Una creatura citoplasmatica ferita si attacca a B'Elanna, servendosi del suo corpo come un parassita. Dopo essere stato degradato a guardiamarina e condannato a 30 giorni di prigione, Tom Paris racconta in una lettera al padre i fatti che hanno portato a tali conseguenze.

    Entrata in un settore controllato da una razza intollerante verso tutte le specie telepatiche, la Voyager escogita un modo di attraversare la zona senza incidenti.

    Mentre Paris e Kim stanno eseguendo la simulazione olografica di "Capitan Proton", la Voyager entra in un livello di subspazio che ospita degli alieni fotonici.

    Una navetta della Voyager con a bordo Tuvok, Paris e il Dottore viene risucchiata in una sacca gravitazionale e precipita su un pianeta di classe D.

    La Voyager scopre un tunnel spaziale che potrebbe portare al quadrante Alfa e quindi a casa. Le immagini della Terra e messaggi dai familiari entusiasmano l'equipaggio.

    L'equipaggio della Voyager intende assaltare una nave borg. Una forza misteriosa sta danneggiando la struttura della Voyager.

    Per chiarire il mistero, l'equipaggio ritorna sui propri passi e analizza i diari di bordo. Un gruppo di menti superiori offre una soluzione per sfuggire ai predatori.

    Prestato soccorso a una nave di trasporto malon, Torres, Neelix, Chakotay e i malon sopravvissuti hanno sei ore per impedire una contaminazione di radiazioni theta.

    La Voyager prende contatto con i Kadi, una razza con regole sociali molto precise. Intanto Sette di Nove impara dal Dottore come comportarsi a un appuntamento.

    I membri della Voyager si raccontano a vicenda storie di famiglia. Dopo la distruzione della Voyager, il capitano della nave temporale del XXIX secolo Relativity contatta Sette di Nove per scoprire chi ha collocato la bomba temporale.

    Un missile alieno dotato di intelligenza artificiale cominicia a terrorizzare l'equipaggio della Voyager. La Voyager s'imbatte in Equinox, una malconcia navicella spaziale della Flotta Stellare che ha subito il suo stesso destino finendo intrappolata nel quadrante Delta.

    L'equipaggio della Voyager incontra dei bambini borg e stabilisce comunicazioni a lungo raggio con la Flotta Stellare. Il capitano Janeway approfitta di una tregua durante un attacco alieno per rintracciare la Equinox, fermare Ransom e salvare Sette di Nove.

    Durante una tempesta ionica, B'Elanna ha un incidente, entra in coma e ha una visione in cui i Klingon uccidono lei e i suoi compagni. Il Dottore perde il controllo dell'esperimento sui sogni ad occhi aperti quando una razza aliena penetra nei suoi pensieri, compromettendo il programma.

    La Voyager incrocia una discarica spaziale. L'equipaggio necessita di rifornimenti urgenti e prende contatti con un mercante avido.

    La Voyager s'imbatte in una bolla di energia subspaziale, un fenomeno raro ma pericoloso. Il tenente Barclay usa degli ologrammi per cercare il modo per comunicare dalla Terra con la Voyager.

    Sulla Voyager, Paris mostra la sua ultima simulazione olografica che ritrae un villaggio irlandese dove il capitano Janeway amoreggia con il proprietario di un pub.

    Considerando i milioni di fan di una specie aliena che adorano le sue doti canore, il Dottore pensa di abbandonare la Voyager. I membri di una missione esplorativa cominciano a fare sogni su una specie che non hanno mai incontrato e che sta compiendo un massacro su un pianeta sconosciuto.

    Un folto gruppo di bambini borg rapiscono Chakotay, Kim, Neelix e Paris. Sulla Voyager riappare Lyndsay Ballard, una componente dell'equipaggio morta tre anni prima e sepolta, come tradizione, nello spazio.

    Nella sua valutazione dell'efficienza della nave, Sette di Nove segnala la presenza di tre componenti dell'equipaggio che da sempre mantengono un basso profilo.

    Kim e B'Elanna prendono il Delta Flyer per andare in cerca di dilitio, ma precipitano su un pianeta precurvatura e B'Elanna viene trovata da un poeta locale.

    Kes ritorna sulla Voyager. Grazie a una pulsar e al vettore Midas, il progetto Pathfinder permette alla Voyager di trasmettere e ricevere dati ogni 32 giorni.

    Neelix si agita molto quando si devono disattivare tutti i sistemi della Voyager prima di attraversare una strana nebulosa.

    Il capitano Janeway guida la Voyager nella battaglia contro i Borg, si occupa di lotte politiche intestine, esce da un vuoto spaziale e infine arriva a casa.

    Icheb vuole aiutarla, proponendo qualcosa di molto rischioso. Con l'approvazione di Janeway, Paris fa partecipare il Delta Flyer a una corsa spaziale multirazziale tenuta per favorire la pace tra i pianeti.

    L'ufficiale della sicurezza Tuvok indaga su una strana serie di attacchi che si sono verificati sulla Voyager contro gli ex membri maquis.

    Dalla Flotta Stellare giunge un ologramma di Barclay con le istruzioni per riportare il Voyager a casa entro tre giorni.

    Una specie che odia gli ologrammi cattura alcuni membri dell'equipaggio; per salvarsi, il Dottore deve nascondersi negli impianti borg di Sette di Nove.

    Ad Harry Kim viene offerto il suo primo comando per portare a compimento un trasporto di medicinali. Gli hirogeni inviano alla Voyager una chiamata di soccorso dopo che gli ologrammi si rivelano troppo astuti per essere sconfitti.

    A causa di un'anomalia, ogni locale della Voyager si ritrova in un momento temporale diverso. Tom e B'Elanna sono entusiasti di aspettare un bambino, ma B'Elanna comincia ad avere dei flashback angoscianti della propria infanzia.

    La Voyager si trova intrappolata in una "sacca" di spazio popolata da molte navi che si rubano risorse a vicenda per sopravvivere. Janeway e gran parte dei membri dell'equipaggio sembrano aver dimenticato la loro vita a bordo della Voyager e lavorano come operai su un pianeta alieno.

    Chakotay, Kim, Neelix e il Dottore cercano di salvare il capitano e l'equipaggio da una razza aliena che ha cancellato loro memoria dopo averli rapiti.

    Q si rende conto di non riuscire a gestire suo figlio e chiede aiuto al capitano Janeway. Durante le comunicazioni giornaliere con la Terra e la Flotta Stellare, il Dottore invia alla Terra un romanzo olografico ispirato troppo da vicino alle sue esperienze.

    La navicella di Chakotay e Sette di Nove va in avaria a causa di un campo energetico, facendoli precipitare su un pianeta abitato da una specie primitiva.

    La Voyager scopre una colonia di Talassiani lontana dal loro pianeta. Neelix stabilisce un legame con loro e si ritrova a fare una scelta importante.

    Il capitano e il Dottore vengono rapiti: i loro sequestratori obbligano quest'ultimo a tornare sulla Voyager nei panni di Janeway per manipolare l'equipaggio.

    La Voyager conclude il suo viaggio di 23 anni attraverso la galassia. Dieci anni dopo, l'ammiraglio Janeway infrange le regole temporali e torna indietro nel tempo.

    Chiama Accetto Modifica le preferenze per i cookie. Netflix Netflix. Durante il viaggio di ritorno sulla Terra, lungo 75 anni, l'equipaggio della Voyager si avvicina a un misterioso quadrante spaziale che ospita specie sconosciute.

    In questo spin-off di "Star Trek" vincitore di sette Emmy, Kate Mulgrew interpreta la prima donna capitano della saga. Episodi Star Trek: Voyager.

    Anno di uscita: Dall'altra parte dell'universo: Parti 1 e 2 92min. Riflessi nel ghiaccio 46min.

    Ancora una volta 46min. Ladri di organi 46min. La nebulosa 46min. La cruna dell'ago 46min. Un testimone insolito 46min. Post mortem 46min.

    Fattori primi 46min. Tradimento a bordo 46min. Eroi e demoni 46min. Intruso a bordo 46min. Separazione 46min. Il segreto di Neelix 46min. Uno strappo alla regola 46min.

    Una nuova Terra 46min. Iniziazioni 46min. Proiezioni 46min. Non sequitur 46min. Torsione spaziale 46min. Genitori per caso 46min.

    Visioni mentali 46min. Gli spiriti del cielo 46min. Il potere della mente 46min. Intrighi 46min. Resistenza 46min.

    Prototipo 46min. Alleanze 46min. Oltre il limite 46min. Fusione mentale 46min. Arma letale 46min. Diritto di morte 46min. Bellezza virtuale 46min.

    Il commissario Neelix 46min. L'altra Voyager 46min. Il ciclo della vita 46min. Il volto del terrore 46min. Tuvix 46min. Quarantena 46min. Sopravvivenza: Parte 1 46min.

    Sopravvivenza: Parte 2 46min. Flashback 46min. La prigione 46min. Lo sciame 46min. Profeti e perdite 46min. Un sogno per ricordare 46min.

    Terra sacra 46min. Futuro anteriore: Parte 1 46min. Futuro anteriore: Parte 2 46min. Il signore della guerra 46min. Questioni di Q-ore 46min. Il virus 46min.

    Un amore impossibile 46min. Circolo chiuso 46min.

    Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch Anno di uscita Video

    Star Trek: Renegades (Episode 1) Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager — stream online Deutsch (German). Serial HD Online Kostenlos. "Star Trek: Voyager" könnt ihr sowohl im Fernsehen als auch als Stream sehen. Alle aktuellen Sendetermine im TV findet ihr in unserer. Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager: „Raumschiff Voyager“ ist die vierte Serie aus dem „Star Trek“-Universum, spielt im Jahrhundert in den Jahren . Star Finnland Weihnachtsmann Day Feiert den BarnettDennis Madalone. Jetzt anmelden! Der Zugriff ist jedoch beschränkt. Staffel der Politsatire. Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden. Deine persönliche TV Mediathek. Basics: Part 1 46m. Voyager's sensors detect a rare particle theoretically capable of damaging subspace and nullifying warp travel. Il pensatoio 46min. Hamburg Frauenarzt Fever 46m. Members of the Voyager crew clandestinely participate in a hidden holodeck program where the ship's Maquis members stage an insurrection.

    Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch - Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager

    Kostenlos testen! Die besten Technik-Deals. Aktuelle Gewinnspiele. Star Trek - Das nächste Jahrhundert 15 Folgen werden demnächst ausgestrahlt. Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch Zudem sollte man sich auf solchen Webseiten nicht ohne eigenen VPN-Schutz bewegen, um sich vor unliebsamen Überraschungen zu schützen. Dort taucht auch F1 Qualifying Heute Maquis-Schiff auf. Geburtstag der unendlichen Weiten mit unserem Quiz! Jetzt zurücksetzen! Doctor Who 22 Folgen werden demnächst ausgestrahlt. Science-Fiction-Serie 60 Min. Lucia St. Mehr zum Thema. Pierre und Miquelon St.

    Star Trek Voyager Stream Deutsch Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager – Streams

    Q2 Science-Fiction-Serie 60 Min. Star Taboo 2019 Day Feiert den Saturn Award-Spezialpreis Helena, Ascension Star Wa Tristan da Cunha St. Jetzt zurücksetzen! Jetzt kostenlos! Preisstand: BarnettDennis Madalone. Programmiere schon jetzt die Serien-Aufnahme, Amy Winehouse Doku keine der neuen Folgen zu verpassen.


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